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The Best 223 Ammo: Where To Buy 223 Ammo Online

223 Ammo
We all know the circumstances of the COVID pandemic and how it’s affected the ammo industry and the shortage that has resulted. For many rifle owners, it’s no different, particularly when it comes to 223 ammo supplies. Finding .223 ammunition in bulk can be tricky, so we’ve compiled some ideas to make it easier for you. To understand why finding bulk 223 for sale now has become so difficult, it’s important to first understand the history of this bullet and how it became so popular in the first place. This unique semi-automatic rifle round is also commonly used around the world for target shooting, hunting, and even some military use, adding to its popularity. Most local gun shops and distributors have been tremendously more successful in locating 223 ammo when they buy it online from a trusted manufacturer or some other trusted supplier.

The history of the 223

The history of .223 ammo is fairly brief, considering that it first came about in 1964. What’s interesting to note is that this ammunition was originally created and manufactured by Remington Arms Company. In fact, it seems only natural that this caliber of ammunition should have been named after its creator: the.223 Remington ammo cartridge. 223 ammo is considered a similar version of the 5×56 NATO military cartridge, except the differences, are that it is a lot lighter than the latter. It was originally designed for use in bolt-action rifles, but it has since been used in a number of different semi-automatic and automatic weapons as well, most commonly the AR-15. The 223 Remington cartridge is a rimless specialty bullet that was manufactured and designed to work best with low pressure and medium capacity rounds. Due to this, it’s often used in semi-automatic rifles with 16-inch barrels or shorter ones with shorter rounds. One of the reasons why boxes of bulk ammo are so popular is because people are looking for 223 ammunition that they can use for sport shooting practices or competitive target shooting purposes; while still being able to have good accuracy when they take their aim at the targets. In general, when people talk about .223 ammo they’re actually referring to the 5 rounds of steel-cased or brass-cased rifle cartridges that are available in .223 Remington caliber; with two varieties being loaded with either 55 grain or 62-grain bullets. In terms of mass, it’s about the same size as the .223 Remington, though the .223 Remington weighs about 20% less than the 5.56 NATO ammo. It also tends to be slightly lighter in velocity and is noted for exceptional long-range accuracy and lower recoil. In civilian use, the .223 is the standard sporting rifle round for a wide variety of firearms, particularly the AR-15. You will also often find the .223 in a plethora of bolt action, semi-auto hunting rifles. In law enforcement and military use, this bullet was once the .223 M855, but it was later replaced by the M855A1.

Components of 223 ammo

This ammo is known to be in high demand and also is the last one to be delivered from most suppliers. Due to its unique and unusual design, it’s still being manufactured by some bullet manufacturers, but the availability has greatly diminished. This ammo has the closest chamber pressures to .223 Remington (.223 Rem requires a 1:16 twist for high performance) and is full polymer jacketed which provides for a better fit and less wear on a semiautomatic rifle. When looking for 223 ammo, most buyers focus on purchasing a bulk capacity magazine. More often than not, a bulk capacity magazine is the cheapest option.

Why is it so hard to find bulk 223?

There are a number of reasons that the average consumer has run into a shortage of .223. The vast majority of the cases of (rimmed) 223 and .224 ammo sold online have the ammo listed as “burnt” or “burned,” or “ashed” which refers to an affected cartridge. The affected bullets contain a metallic substance that burns during firing and causes damage to the cartridge case. Without the protective case, it can be damaged, causing failure during and after firing. The corrupted brass is likely to be of a higher quality than standard .223 ammunition because its better quality brass has less of that unwanted metallic particulate in it. Unfortunately, many shooters incorrectly assume that “burnt” or “ashed” means that there’s an issue with the cartridge and are often looking for. 233 Ammo online The most popular uses of 223 ammo are for self-defense and home defense, training, target practice, and competitive shooting, with the majority of people using it in .223 Remington. For the most part, it is a less expensive full metal jacket round than other rifle calibers as well. For those who are interested in buying bulk .223 ammo now to save money on ammo costs, this has become a lot harder than it once was. It’s important to understand the situation of the ammunition shortage that now exists before you go out and buy bulk 223 ammo rounds to use. As you may know, one of the primary reasons why finding 223 ammo for sale is so hard is because of its popularity among gun enthusiasts who use it for both sport shooting and hunting purposes.

Where to buy 223 ammo online

Luckily, there is no shortage of dealers who sell ammunition online, which makes buying artillery ammo now much easier than ever before. So where can you find bulk 223 ammo? Well, there are quite a few options. The easiest way to order 223 ammo online is to do so directly from companies who manufacture it, with their own websites. For example, if you’re looking for bulk ammunition online from Federal, a trusted manufacturer that has a user-friendly website with plenty of products to purchase quickly with fast shipping. Another good option is to search the web for your favorite manufacturer’s website and go direct. Many online ammo dealers carry surplus ammo that they buy in large quantities. Another great place to order bulk 223 ammo online is from a veteran-owned company that emphasizes reliability and consistent performance is right here at Trifusion Tactical. You can find bulk 223 ammo here on the website by searching in the search bar for “223” or “5.56 nato”. UPS shipping service usually offers the lowest price for customer orders, faster shipping, and has been recommended by many shooters and ammo geeks. If you are a serious shooter and need a full case, or several cases, you should consider this company. The cost of this ammo can add up and are often high enough to make purchasing one of these bulk units a necessity.


With all the factors considered, here is a list of ammo suppliers that stock 223 ammunition, in high quantities, to ensure that you’re able to continue hunting and practicing or being your weapon of choice. For bulk ammo orders, Trifusion Tactical offers boxes of 20 rounds shipped to most states after providing your FFL. Our shop has more products in stock to choose from at a lower price than our competitors, so please search each product page for the items you need for your next order with us.

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