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We’re a Veteran Owned Ammunition Manufacturer and Components Supplier.

Trifusion Tactical is a leading ammunition manufacturer and distributor, born out of the business partnership between two US military veterans in Oklahoma. Having already become successful entrepreneurs in the Tulsa construction business, owners Bobby and Mike are now replicating their success in Trifusion Tactical.

Put simply, we aim to be a trusted supplier of quality ammo online to any Tulsan firearm enthusiast or reseller of ammo. We hope to meet all of your modern ammunition needs, whether for rifles or handguns, by way of our website. When you order from our site, you save money on time and effort, no longer needing to line up at your local gun and ammo store. You’ll be able to lock and load right after the package arrives at your doorstep.

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Knowing our country’s values of service, bravery, and excellence in one’s vocation, we started this company with a commitment to honor modern American heroes. Our first business endeavors involved supplying military men and law enforcers with top-caliber ammunition that they could depend on while on the job. But we’ve since expanded to selling ammo online to Tulsan hunters, outdoorsmen, and other civilians who share our passion.

So, if you’re a Tulsan looking to get the most out of every round, buy ammunition online from an all-American, veteran-owned enterprise like Trifusion Tactical. Browse our online store today to see our many different offerings for ammunition and firearm components, all sold at excellent value!

About Tulsa, Oklahoma

Known as the “Oil Capital of the World” and the “Buckle of the Bible Belt,” Tulsa is the state of Oklahoma’s second largest city. Even if it’s among the 50 most populous cities in the US, Tulsa is also considered one of the most livable and future-ready cities. It is particularly famous for its energy and fuel sectors, its passion for sports, and its investments in art, culture, and music. Lastly, the city is a constituent of a longtime “open carry” state. Tulsans can openly carry firearms like rifles or handguns for legitimate purposes, as long as they aren’t violating Oklahoma’s other weapon laws. These purposes include hunting, target shooting, and self-protection on one’s own private property in line with the Second Amendment.

About Tulsa, Oklahoma
buy ammo online

Large populations like Tulsa’s are vulnerable to crime. In fact, statistics peg the city’s crime rate to be about 63 per 1,000 residents. At Trifusion Tactical, we understand the need to be on one’s guard and have a means of protecting oneself. We advocate for this right to self-protection, as well as the highest level of responsibility that begets a gun owner. We want to do our part in supplying ammunition needs for the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma—a community that has a special significance to us. We’ll help you attain peace of mind and confidence to pursue your passions, as long as you stay true to Tulsa’s firearms and ammunition laws. Check out our website to buy ammo online, as well as ammo components, and spread the word to fellow Tulsans.

Our Ammo Products

Rifle Ammo

Buy rifle ammo online at discounted dealer pricing for 223 ammo, .556, 300 Blackout rounds and even .308 from Trifusion Tactical.

Handgun Ammo

Order 40 S&W and 9mm ammo online from Trifusion Tactical and get access to dealer bulk pricing and super low shipping in the USA.

Primers & Components

Buy reloading primers and other firearm components right here and get wholesale dealer pricing in bulk from Trifusion Tactical.

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Buying Ammunition in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re one among many firearms enthusiasts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, perhaps your problem right now is finding a source for ammunition given these difficult times. It may be even more of a hassle than before to drive out and find the nearest brick-and-mortar gun store. On top of that, you may not be sure that you’re getting both quality and value for money per round. Thankfully, there’s less to worry about when a supplier like Trifusion Tactical has got your back.

At Trifusion Tactical, we promise both exceptional craftsmanship and value for money on every round. This applies to all the products we feature on our store, from rifle ammo and handgun ammo to wadcutters and rifle and pistol primers. No other company pays this much attention to its ammunition manufacturing process while at the same time offering huge savings and optimum convenience to customers.

Whether you’re an individual buyer or a reseller, you’ll go through a smooth buying process with us. It’s just a matter of choosing the ammo you want and adding it to your cart. We also allow pre-orders in case you’ve found your new favorite product and want more of it before your first supply runs out.

Buying Ammunition in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll put it through a strict triple-check quality control process before it’s shipped out. This ensures that every single piece of ammo you receive is up to standard, which is something you deserve.

Bulk deals, topnotch craftsmanship, low-cost shipping, and adherence to American values are what Trifusion Tactical offers to Tulsans. Our happy customers from Oklahoma and other states can vouch for the excellent quality and prices of our ammo, as well as our professionalism. We live, operate in and support Tulsa and local businesses, even our website company in Tulsa, Direct Allied Agency.  If you’d like to know more about our products or our terms and conditions, call our toll-free number (800) 233-6381  or send an email to

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