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How Are Small Rifle Primers Made?

Primers are made by mixing together compounds that will create an explosion after ignition. The first layer of the primer mix is the propellant, which helps to sustain the explosion. The next layer is made of more explosive compounds, which are what will actually cause the primer to detonate under pressure.

What Size Primer For 9mm

A 9mm bullet typically uses a small pistol primer. However, since these primers are usually always out of stock some gun enthusiasts experiment with using magnum pistol primers. One user says that using magnums is a waste of time; the difference between magnum and small pistol primers is too small to matter. He says the only advantage is that if your reloading dies are set to fire magnum rounds, they will fire 9mm in a pinch.

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How to choose the right smokeless powder

Smokeless powder is very popular nowadays and one of the most used by any shooter who is reloading ammunition and it is also one of the most complicated to use as well. With various attributes and a huge load of factors, gunpowder should be completely studied before you attempt to reload ammo.

This guide will take you through the essentials of reloading powders, show how all smokeless powder isn’t necessarily similar and exhibit how the various qualities of powder can make your reloads more powerful to suit you shooting preferences.

The history of 40 s&w ammo

The 40 Smith and Wesson is a cartridge developed by Federal Cartridge Company, Winchester, and Smith & Wesson specifically for the S&W 4046 pistol. Developed from the 10mm Auto round, the new cartridge would share a similar size to its parent case while producing lower recoil without compromising on power output.

With the introduction of the M&P Shield, Smith Wesson needed a round for the new pistol to shoot in full auto. The 40 s w entered into service with Federal Cartridge Company as S&W’s ammo partner. The low pressure, high velocity round would be used by law enforcement and military agencies around the world. It would prove to be successful for its intended purpose. Full Auto performance!

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