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223 Ammo

The Best 223 Ammo: Where To Buy 223 Ammo Online

There are a number of reasons that the average consumer has run into a shortage of .223. This ammo is known to be in high demand and also is the last one to be delivered from most suppliers. Due to its unique and unusual design, it’s still being manufactured by some bullet manufacturers, but the availability has greatly diminished.

357 magnum

Can you shoot 38 special ammo in a 357 magnum?

The history of the .38 special ammo started back in the late 19th century. In those days, this cartridge was used for police shooting, self-defense, and target shooting. The design is a shortened version of .38 S&W cartridge with a different headstamp than standard S&W ammunition. It was named after its diameter (.380 inch). Various types of firearms were designed based on this round because of it’s powerful projectile delivery performance and lighter weight compared to revolvers that were more bulky at that time.

5.56 ammo

5.56 ammo

5.56 x45mm ammunition is a specific type of bullet that is intended for use in a variety of rifles. This bullet is often used by militaries around the world, including those in the United States and Canada. It is commonly found in semi-automatic weapons, which are popular for self-defense and hunting. 5.56×45 ammo comes in …

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