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Can Small Rifle Primers Be Used in Pistol Loads

Can Small Rifle Primers Be Used In Pistol Loads?

Every time you walk into a gun shop or sporting goods store, you may notice that there’s a shortage of ammunition and reloading supplies. Primers seem to be so hard to find nowadays. The next thing that comes to mind is to use small rifle primers during the pistol’s loading process.

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How Are Small Rifle Primers Made?

Primers are made by mixing together compounds that will create an explosion after ignition. The first layer of the primer mix is the propellant, which helps to sustain the explosion. The next layer is made of more explosive compounds, which are what will actually cause the primer to detonate under pressure.

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What Size Primer For 9mm

A 9mm bullet typically uses a small pistol primer. However, since these primers are usually always out of stock some gun enthusiasts experiment with using magnum pistol primers. One user says that using magnums is a waste of time; the difference between magnum and small pistol primers is too small to matter. He says the only advantage is that if your reloading dies are set to fire magnum rounds, they will fire 9mm in a pinch.

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