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Best Primers Supplier in The USA

Primers suppliers

Ammunition requires reloading components such as bullets, brass cases, powder, and primers. They are manufactured by several firms and sold in different parts of the world.

Several stores carry only the limited items and components in their huge stock, except for the primers. Primer production is in demand and relatively difficult, making it the bottleneck in the ammunition production process.

Though there are various manufacturers of firearms in the U.S., there are only some companies that have the capacity of producing primers in bulk. Be in the know! Read on to find out the best primers suppliers and distributors in the country.

Best primer supplier

The Basics of Primer

Primers are used to initiate the burning of the propellant. The construction varies depending on where it is used. They are available in five sizes namely large rifle, small rifle, large pistol, small pistol, and shotgun.

The large-sized usually has a diameter of around 0.210 inches, while the small primer’s diameter is 0.175 inches. Shotgun primers have the biggest diameter of about 0.243 inches.

Primers Manufacturer in the USA

Despite the number of major and minor ammunition manufacturers in the country, only four domestic manufacturers produce primers.


  • Federal Premium Ammunition – located in Anoka, Minnesota
  • Cascade Cartridge Inc. (CCI) – located in Lewiston, Idaho
  • Remington Ammunition – located in Lonoke, Arkansas
  • Winchester Ammunition – located in Oxford, Mississippi, and East Alton, Illinois

These four firms produce several million primers every year. They are responsible for the entire primer supply in the country, including those used in the military and law enforcement. All the primers manufactured in the US use non-mercuric and non-corrosive chemicals. The most common example of materials used includes lead styphnate, antimony sulfide, and barium nitrate.

Best Place to Buy Primers

Some say that primers are easier to find than powder since each size can work well with a variety of calibers. However, there are still some differences like its hardness.

If you love competitive shooting, optimize your loaded ammunition with a lightened hammer and softer primers like the ones supplied by more prominent companies. Otherwise, the cheapest available in your preferred size is a good option.

Remember that primers and powder are alike. Due to the “boom”, spring for the Hazmat fee is needed, even if you order one. It is best to buy a bunch and combine them with the purchase of the powder. But keep track as there’s likely a limit for the retailers, though it’s pretty high.

You can also load hard primers such as Tula and Sellier & Bellot, especially if they are available with a good deal. With that, the best place to score primers is probably the same store where good reloading powders are found. Also check out the website of leading industry insider and distributors of primers, Trifusion Tactical.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the kind, and the number of primers to buy, you can check the average weight of the charges for the caliber. It’s usually written in the reloading manual. Do the math to know the appropriate amount of primers to buy – it always depends on the number of rounds the powder can make.

Primer supplier Trifusion Tactical

Trifusion Tactical: Your Ammo Reloading Supplies Superstore

Buying primers can be tough and confusing. To avoid mistakes leading to improper loading and inaccurate shooting, get the guidance of the best suppliers.

At Trifusion Tactical, we cater to all your ammo needs, from bullets, brass, and a lot more. Our company carries a wide variety of brands and other reloading components needed for guns, shotshells, rifles, or even muzzleloading.

With our unbeatable customer service and competitive pricing, you are guaranteed to have the best adventure of your life. Our one-stop tactical shop will ensure that you spend less and enjoy more.  Check the selection on our website and contact us so we can ship your items right away.

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