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Reloading Components: A Beginner’s Guide

Reloading manuals do not usually tell you everything. Sometimes, you have to figure things out on your own. This article will serve as a beginner’s guide to reloading, explain what these elements are, and how to use them.

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Major Considerations In Reloading

Save Money: This reason is a bit misleading. It doesn’t necessarily mean saving cash, but in reality, you end up firing more ammunition if you reload your own pistol or rifle cartridges reducing the cost of buying new ones.

Maximize Accuracy and Customize Loads: Reloading/handloading can increase your ability to personalize rounds for each gun you use.

Strict Gun Laws: Stricter gun laws have been imposed on a lot of cities that prohibit online selling of ammo.

Enjoy the process: DIY gives you a more intimate relationship with your guns. Also, you can customize your gun that will your own unique firing style.

Beginner’s Guide To Reloading

This will be an overview of the reloading process and will not be focused on caliber. Here is how you get started in handloading:

  1. Case Prep – Expansion during the explosion is typical for brass cases. The case will be a little bigger than before (and dirtier). Clean the casing on a brass tumbler with walnut shells which will be done in a few hours. If you are using a military case that has a wrinkled primer pocket (gives off powder residue), use a primer to revert the changes. Then, you will have to run the casings on a resizing die (imperial die wax) to get it back to its original shape, mend dents, and avoid case mouth issues.
  2. Adding Primers – There are multiple ways to put a new primer. Some are done by hand, while others are done by machine. This is what you do next when you have corrected dents and cause mouth problems. You can also use a case trimmer like RCBS Trim Pro 2 to improve the edges of your bullets.
  3. Loading gunpowder –For instructions, load data from the reloading manual and find out the right powder charge for each cartridge. To drop the powder into the prepped and primed cases, you can use a standalone powder measure or part of a presser.
  4. Bullet Seating – Next up is pressing bullets to case rounds. Simply place a bullet on top of the case and run it through a seating die held by a shell holder that will make it a lot secure.

There you go! It’s like you have a new brass cartridge again.

Reloading Press Types

Single Stage Press

Called as such as it can only accommodate one die at a time. Switching up two times is going to be necessary. The most recommended reloading equipment is Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit that comes with a powder station, hand-priming tool, loading scale tool (weighs powder charges), and other preparation tools. This kit has a lot of precision and accuracy.

  • Turret – This one saves a lot of time there is a set of dies that can be spun over a casing.
  • Progressive Press – With multiple die stations, you can reload quickly using a progressive loading press.


The process of reloading may seem complicated at first, but don’t let the tedious process scare you. Just think of all the benefits you can get such as saving money, maximize the accuracy of the rifle, recycle and reuse bullets instead of throwing them away, and ultimately enjoy the whole process of reloading on your own. Once you get the hang of it, we are sure that you will never look at it the same way again.

Just remember to choose the right types of case preps, gunpowder, primers, and press. These are also important when reloading on your own. Just be sure that the materials you are using are compatible with your chosen bullets.

There are other things that we would love to discuss like what is the right scale, powders, dies, bullet length, and recommended shooting range. But that will be for another time.

For your ammo needs, please get in touch with Trifusion Tactical by contacting us at 8002336381.

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