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Tips For Reloading Primers

Reloading Primers - Trifusion Tactical

For novice reloaders, some might think that hunting is all about the rifle. The rifle brand, rifle weight, rifle accuracy, bullets, powders, ammo, consistency, precision, cartridge, velocity, grain, rifle calibers, and many more. But there is one component that has the tendency to be overlooked and this is the bullet primer.

Reloading Primers - Trifusion Tactical


What Is A Bullet Primer?

A primer provides the spark that will ignite the powder and causes a chain of reactions that will eventually lead to a bullet cap firing.

Now, standard primers like boxer primers are hard to reuse because of the small, fine pieces that need to be taken apart, put into place, and then put together again.

In short, you do not have the option of reloading it properly and will cost you money. This article should x tips for reloading primers.

Primers are small in size and can be easily distinguished by color. The biggest primer factory manufacturers are CCI and Winchester.

Reloading Primers Guide

Centerfire cartridge primers are seated in the center of the base case head while rimfire cartridges can be seen on the rim of the case head.

It is a separate part of the bullet and usually located in the prime pocket. This means that it can be reloaded as many times as possible. Once firing a shot, the color should be white. This means that it has already ignited.

Reloading is easy. First, you want to use an unused primer from the supplied container in the box. Carefully set your die so that it will push out the back of your brass case. The red ring inside of it should line up with the bottom of the shell when you’re reloading. next, simply place a small tube into the opening of your case and push it down on your handheld reloading tool lever to load it with primers. Once you have loaded the primers, you can now start putting in the gun powder. That’s it.

Berdan vs Boxer Reloading Primers

Berdan primers are older than boxers and ideally used in cases of steel and com-block ammunition. We do not usually recommend it because of how difficult reloading is making it almost impossible to do. After being struck with the firing pin, there are two small holes above the primer that serves as the ignition and blast incredibly hot fire into the base. The aftermath makes the primer very hard to remove. Also, this type is very corrosive. We do not want you to get chemically poisoned.

Boxer Primers on the other hand are mostly used in the modern age. It has a small, upsidedown anvil that is atop the explosive in the cap. With this setup, the primer gets activated with fewer primer chemicals needed. This also ensures that there is a better dispersion due to the added pressure the anvil creates. These are good for the following:

  • .38 Special
  • .357 Magnum
  • .45 ACP
  • .44 Magnum
  • .223 Remington
  • .308 Winchester
  • .270 WSM

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Final Thoughts

We hope that this article helps you with reloading primers. Please watch out for new batches of accurate articles talking about this topic in the future.

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