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What Size Primer For 9mm

Pistol primers come in different sizes to suit specific calibers when reloading ammunition. The most basic is the small rifle and large rifle, but there is also pistol, magnum, and a few other types. Since 9mm is a small caliber round, a pistol primer will work for them. You may find a large pistol primer in some places but if you are loading 9mm ammunition for target shooting or plinking, you will not need that.



What Size Primer Does A 9mm Use?

A 9mm bullet typically uses a small pistol primer. However, since these primers are usually always out of stock some gun enthusiasts experiment with using magnum pistol primers. One user says that using magnums is a waste of time; the difference between magnum and small pistol primers is too small to matter. He says the only advantage is that if your reloading dies are set to fire magnum rounds, they will fire 9mm in a pinch.

Small pistol primers are most often seen in 9mm ammunition that is short-barrelled, handgun ammunition, or ammo for smaller handguns like compact models. You can find them in rifle-caliber ammo but they are rare and usually not needed. These primers are mostly reserved for use in guns that use small, pistol-caliber cartridges, like 9mm as it is a small cartridge. The increased priming force of this cartridge can sometimes cause problems with long-barrelled rifles firing handgun ammo. Many websites will show you which size your pistol uses; if you’re not sure please ask the manufacturer or check the box on the ammunition package.

I suggest sticking to conventional small primers. But if you’re unable to source them you can give magnums a try. There’s virtually no difference between the two primers so you should be good to go.

Keep in mind you’ll have to research if you don’t want the back blow to hurt your firing pin and cause structural damage to your gun.

Can You Use Small Rifle Primers On A 9mm?

You can, but you really shouldn’t. I suggest you use the appropriate primer for your firearm.

Small rifle primers are typically used to ignite cartridges that require more force to ignite the gunpowder inside; for example, modern hunting rifles and large-caliber ammunition. The reason for using a small rifle primer is that they use more chemical compounds than a small pistol primer, meaning they will cause the gunpowder in your cartridge to ignite quicker. This is advantageous when you’re trying to fire faster in some circumstances; it can lead to quicker follow-up shots and faster bullet velocity.

Small pistol primers ignite faster than large rifle primers but not for the reason most people think. The difference between the two is purely in volume; a small primer size and a magnum primer are more compressed than large rifle primers.

You can tell the difference between small pistol primers and magnums by looking at them. A large pistol primer has a bigger head than the military-style magnum.

Small Pistol Primers: Everything You Need To Know

When choosing the right size primer for your 9mm pistol, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of. A small primer for pistols is compact and they ignite faster than large pistol primers. So, if you’re a serious shooter who needs to fire fast, then using the correct primer can make a difference.

If your 9mm ammunition isn’t firing correctly, it may be because you’re trying to use the wrong size primer for your particular gun. Using the wrong size primer will cause your gun to misfire or fail to fire at all.

To determine the right primer size for your ammo, you need to know what gun you’re using it in and how you plan to use it. For instance, if you’re planning on using your ammunition in a competition, then using fast-ignition small primers will make sense. If you’re planning on hunting big game with your 9mm handgun, then the extra power of large rifle primers will help put down your game faster.

If you don’t have the right primer for your 9mm ammunition, then don’t use it. It’s as simple as that. Otherwise, you can damage your gun with the blowback into your firing pin hole or injure someone.

Having a box of ammunition that you don’t know if it’s going to ignite properly could be a bad idea, especially if you’re shooting at an abandoned building. If you’re using the wrong primer and your ammunition does not ignite, then it could cause violent and unpredictable reactions inside the round.

Working With Magnum Primers

Using a magnum primer for reloading is more common in rifle calibers. However, some users have experimented with using a magnum primer on 9mm ammunition that they want to fire faster. The idea behind this is that, as mentioned above, a magnum primer will ignite quickly and force the round to fire faster.

Obviously, if you’re new to using firearms you should probably not mess around with tearing apart your ammunition and messing with the primer. However, if you’re serious about reloading and you already know what you’re doing, then you may want to experiment with a magnum primer. Just remember to wear safety glasses and read your reloading manuals before you explore more options.

It’s important to keep in mind that magnum primers are more powerful than small primers. You will need a gun that can handle the extra force of a magnum primer. Otherwise it could cause damage to your gun or injure you. Plus, it could throw off your accuracy because of the change in velocity. It’s generally a more complicated way of reloading your gun.

Plus, the extra strain on your firing pin might not at all be worth it.

When in doubt, it’s a good idea to reach out to professionals who know their stuff about primers. This could be your local gunsmith, shooting range instructor, or a reliable supplier of Winchester primers, and other primers for your bullets like Trifusion Tactical.

Other Things You Should Know

9mm shooters are armed with some of the most powerful cartridges available because of the swift knockdown power delivered by 9mm ammunition. Most 9mm ammunition is loaded with jacketed hollow point ammunition that can pass through barriers and even cause extreme damage to the bone.

Before you decide what primers to use in your 9mm ammunition, there are some technical factors you should be familiar with, as well as a few other important ammunition factors that will help your shooting experience be more effective.

Primer Pocket

Primer pockets are often overlooked, but they’re very important. The size of the primer pocket is determined by the diameter of the case, and the shape is changed by how it’s chambered. So, if you’re using a full-sized 9mm pistol, then you should not use small primer pockets. If you have a high capacity 9mm pistol with an extended-length magazine, then there will be no room for your fingers to crank down on the case as it sits in place when loading.

Chamber Size

The chamber size of a 9mm pistol will vary. Some have a longer, wider or narrower chamber than others. Some chambers are made with straight walls, while others have angled walls that may cause issues with seating. On average, a 9mm chamber is about 0.90 inches deep and 2.02 inches long on the case mouth side when fully loaded. The walls of the case can be anywhere between 0.065 inches to 0.101 inches, and the rim can vary from 0.102 inches to 0.133 inches long depending on the brand and caliber of your ammunition.

For example, a Winchester small pistol requires softer primers because of the way it’s designed.

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