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9mm HP 115gr Ammo

Our in stock 9mm ammo delivers tremendous knockdown power thanks to its bullet weight with less recoil and blast than full metal jacket rounds. These high-quality cartridges are a dependable option for sport shooting, competition, or self-defense; we use them at the shooting range, and you can use them for home protection.



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Trifusion Tactical manufactures high quality ammunition and provides products from some of the most popular brands. We also offer bulk reloading primers.

Handgun Ammo

Whether you want to try our in-house manufactured ammunition, or products from leading brands like CCI, you can see that we carry most calibers from your pistol ammo chart. We have in stock 9mm ammo and 40 S&W bullets available in bulk.

Our 45 auto rounds are available in HP as well as FMJ and are manufactured to perform in cold weather and in most challenging conditions. 38 special ammo is in high demand, as well as 9mm hollow point, which we usually keep stocked up. To order bulk 9mm ammo -5000 rounds or more, you can place your order or call us directly for wholesale pricing. Our highly trained, veteran customer support team is standing by during business hours to help you with any questions or pricing inquiries. Keep in mind, we also sell the same reloading components we use to make our high performance handgun ammunition, which undergoes a strict 3 stage testing process.

Buying Ammo Easier

Why call and search around for the cheapest ammo deals when you can get it all here on our website.

Veteran Owned Company

We're proud veterans and know the importance of manufacturing the best rifle and pistol ammo.

Bulk Ammo Shipped Fast

We safely ensure fast shipping of ammunition and primers to your home or ammo store.

9mm hollow-point ammo


All-around ammunition

If you’re looking for a reliable round that delivers a considerable punch, look no further than the 9mm HP ammo. The 9mm is one of the most popular handgun calibers out there and with good reason: it’s relatively inexpensive, very easy to find in stores as well as online, and it comes in a variety of different loads that can suit just about any situation.

For shooting practice, personal defense, or law enforcement, look no further than our 9mm hollow ammo. Whether you’re planning on carrying it concealed or not, these bullets are probably the best protective ammo you can carry. They cause massive trauma to anyone that’s shot with them and do so in a way that reduces the chance of over penetration. These bullets usually expand upon impact and can result in significant internal damage.

Unmatched performance, unmatched price

Hollow points are designed to expand upon impact with a soft target, which ensures that the rounds perform efficiently regardless of the range at which they are used. There are many training aids and self-defense options that are reliable with 9mm ammunition, with hollow point ammo being one of the most forgiving despite the relatively low price per round.

These hollow-points are built to be very effective, and extremely reliable. The heavy weight of the round allows for swift and accurate movement when fired at a lower speed, which makes this ammo perfect for target practice as well as a concealed carry ammunition.

The 9mm jacketed hollow point cartridge also has a reputation for being one of the most accurate rounds in the handgun realm, and it’s because of this trait that it is a common choice for competitive shooting.

Buy your 9mm ammo from Trifusion Tactical

The 9mm luger is, by far, the most effective ammunition available in the civilian market and can easily penetrate through barriers that would stop a full metal jacket round.

Not only is it accurate and lethal, but it’s also very common and can be found at almost every gun store with just a few clicks of your mouse.

There are many brands currently offering deals on 9mm ammo, and the price per box may be low. One thing you won’t know is if it is in stock, or how long the shipping service will take to reach the customer address. So it’s always good to search the shop to find that perfect box of 9mm ammo for your pistol.

These cartridges are cheap: you can pick up 20 rounds for about $10 per round or so, depending on where you buy, and they’re a great choice for target practice. If you’re looking to save some money on firearms accessories, consider buying your 9mm jacketed hollow point ammo online, direct from the manufacturer, Trifusion Tactical.

Trifusion Tactical, Oklahoma offers high-quality 9mm ammo at affordable prices. To learn more about our company, current sales, ammunition or to place an order of your own, search our web shop today! For questions regarding our products or pricing per item, please contact us. Better yet, add a box of 9mm parabellum ammo to your cart TODAY!

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