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MAXAM CSB-6 Smokeless Powder - 22LB Container

380 100GR. FMJ 3.0 980
9MM 115GR. FMJ 4.3 1080
38 SPL 125GR. FMJ 4.1 900
357 MAG 158GR. FMJ 6.3 1150
40 S&W 165GR. FMJ 4.1 985
45 ACP 230GR. FMJ 5.0 780
45 COLT 250GR. FMJ 6.0 825

Smokeless Powder Burn Rate Chart – These loads are only a guideline and all loads can and will vary depending on factors such as crimp, primer and different mfg. of bullets.
As with all reloading, start out with lower powder charges than listed and chronograph your ammo to get the most accurate speeds.

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Product Information



Maxam is a line of smokeless powders for reloading bullets, such as 9mm ammo and 40 S&W ammo, and for rifle reloading purposes. This gunpowder is smokeless and burns more cleanly than other brands, which promotes longevity of your firearms. With Maxam, you don’t have to worry about the residue from black powder fouling the barrel or breech plug like with other powders. And with Maxam’s most recent innovation in gunpowder production that has increased performance by up to 10%, you now have an even better reason to switch to Maxam from another well-known brand of gunpowder.

Sold in 22lb containers, our bulk reloading powder can be shipped to you quickly and affordably from our ammo manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Trifusion Tactical manufactures high quality ammunition and provides products from some of the most popular brands. We also offer bulk reloading primers.

Smokeless Powder

We recommend Maxam gunpowder because they’ve been producing high quality smokeless powder for years and have a variety of gunpowder for sale. They’ve got a good reputation in the industry and are known for consistently providing high-quality powder that works great with no hassle. You can’t go wrong with Maxam, especially if you’re looking to buy bulk smokeless gunpowder. Now that you know about our Maxam smokeless powder, learn more here or give us a call today to place your order!

Our Passion Is Supplying Ammo Reloaders

Maxam offers their powders in various sized containers, priced so affordably that you can even combine your order with projectiles (projos), ammo casings and primers so you can start reloading ammunition right away. You can also order mixed bulk packs, which offer great savings and convenience when you’re just starting a new reloading rig. For example, you can buy 40 S&W projectiles, then buy some 223 ammo components and primers to start making ammo for your rifle or pistol. Or mix up some 9mm casings for your handgun along with some small pistol primers and projectiles.

Here at Trifusion Tactical, we’re serious about the quality of our products and overall customer service, from one veteran to another!

Durable ammunition and primers

We Support Wholesalers & Firearms Shops

Buying gunpowder in bulk for reloading your own bullets is wise because it is less expensive, more convenient, and you know you’re getting the highest quality powder possible direct from the manufacturer. You don’t need to worry about buying from a discount store, cutting your powder or regrinding it after shipping, or having to buy more of the same type of powder. You’ll get exactly what you need without the hassles.

Buying Ammo Easier

Why call and search around for the cheapest ammo deals when you can get it all here on our website.

Veteran Owned Company

We're proud veterans and know the importance of manufacturing the best rifle and pistol ammo.

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We safely ensure fast shipping of ammunition and primers to your home or ammo store.

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