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Unis Ginex Primers

There are over 100 types of ammunition used in field shooting and hunting, but only 3 to 5 kinds of primers are used for the various types. The UNIS GINEX company makes primers for a wide range of rounds, from the smallest calibers to the biggest rounds commercially available. We offer all our customers a choice of over 7 varieties of primers including lead and copper target bullets, as well as rifle and shot loads.

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Product Information

Manufacturer Unis Ginex
Package Quantity 500 | 1000 | 10000 | 100000

Buy Ammo & Primers Online

Trifusion Tactical manufactures high quality ammunition and supplies reloading primers from Unis Ginex, one of the most popular brands. We also offer bulk ammo components like brass and projectiles.

Unis Ginex Primers In Bulk

When it comes to small pistol primers and all your reloading supplies, Trifusion Tactical has got various components to choose from including large and small rifle primers. We’re a Unis Ginex supplier and offer multiple shipping options to save you even more cash.

When you order bulk reloading primers online with us, you can choose a future shipment time frame above, and then the quantity you will need to stock up on. The farther out you choose to ship your products, the more money you will save; so feel free to try different combinations above whether you’re looking for small pistol bullets or large and small rifle reloading primers. For larger orders of over 100,000 pieces, please call us directly for larger discounts on volume of in stock ammo components. Our knowledgeable customer service team is standing by during business hours to help you along the way.

Buying Ammo Easier

Why call and search around for the cheapest ammo deals when you can get it all here on our website.

Veteran Owned Company

We're proud veterans and know the importance of manufacturing the best rifle and pistol ammo.

Bulk Ammo Shipped Fast

We safely ensure fast shipping of ammunition and primers to your home or ammo store.

About Unis Ginex Primers


What makes UNIS GINEX small pistol primers unique

We have the widest range of UNIS GINEX primers in the world. This has given us great experience in providing our customers with the correct tactical primer for their ammo and shooting purposes. We have provided many new varieties of low price reloading primers just by listening to customer’s requests.

Unlike other primers, UNIS GINEX small pistol primers are made of bronze (not brass) and therefore easily ignite. The level of sensitivity to shock is very high, at least twice that of other types of primers. Other brands may not light on the first strike, but UNIS GINEX will almost always light on the first strike.

The primer is small and compact in size, which allows it to be used in any type of ammo casing without causing misfires during ignition. UNIS GINEX is a product that few gunsmiths have an opportunity to try due to the many choices available for reloading a firearm. In addition, all products are certified by trained workers who ensure complete quality control for months throughout each stage of manufacturing process.

Why you need ammo primers

The main purpose of a primer is to ignite the charge of gunpowder in cartridges; but a primer also serves other important functions related to precision shooting, such as ensuring correct ignition timing, dimensional tolerances, keeping out moisture and solvents, and preventing corrosion or pitting caused by metal contaminants or by acids leached from old cartridge cases.

Primers are found inside shotgun shells, inside small arms cartridges (9mm), inside pistol cartridges (such as .22 LR or .45 ACP), and inside small arms cartridges that contain a large rifle primer such as .220 Swift or .308 Winchester. Small-arms primers are made of small quantities of a single type of metal.

The Trifusion Tactical components guarantee

Trifusion Tactical is the go-to UNIS GINEX primer destination. We stock SMALL PISTOL PRIMERS as well as SMALL AND LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS for every gun enthusiast. We have the most practical and convenient buying services available on our site. With over 20 varieties of primers to choose from we can give every customer their own unique flavor of good times.

We pride ourselves in offering a top quality Ginex product at an affordable price. Our service is second to none and our reliability is proven through our history of many satisfied customers who continue to praise and buy our tactical products and services today.

For your premiere reloading primer and ammo needs in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Trifusion Tactical should be your top choice. For orders and inquiries, please call our customer service team at (800) 233-6381. Our sales representatives are here to help you with your account, and to make the purchase process easy to ensure fast shipping. Load your gun with the best primers by calling Trifusion Tactical TODAY!

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