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Small Rifle Primers Buyers Guide

Small Rifle Primers Buyers Guide

Before you start buying all different kinds of guns and ammo – especially if it’s a small rifle, you need to have a little piece of information about its primers. Read along to get started!

Use of Small Rifle Primers

A small rifle primer, similar to pistol primers, gives a spark to ignite the propellant. One piece of primer contains a disk that goes along with the priming mix called the foil paper. The foil paper covers the pellet of a primer.

A small rifle primer has two-fold advantages. A small rifle primer results in tighter standard deviations since it uses a smaller and less aggressive cap. The second advantage is that the small primer pocket has more material intact than the large rifle primers.

Pistol Primers As Replacement

A piece of pistol primer looks identical to a small rifle primer because they both have the same depth specification. Some reviews say that pistol primers and rifle primers are interchangeable. On the other hand, some say that it may be difficult to use a pistol primer because it has different components than a small rifle primer. However, a rifle primer cup is thicker than a pistol primer cup, and they may not fire when hit by a pistol firing pin.

In terms of shooting, you can shoot pistol cartridges with rifle primers without any problem. But using them interchangeably could also lead to not getting the impact in igniting the primer. Using pistol primers as a substitute can also lead to unusual things in your gun, such as pressure spikes. That’s why some gun collectors prefer to buy pistol primers instead because they are better when it comes to reloading.

Pistol primers can also withstand cold weather, one quality that small rifle primers lack. For example, the CCI 550 are small pistol rifle primers (that you can also get in a box or a large quantity) that provide a hotter and longer burn. So in case you consider substituting one over the other, it would cause a great risk and you must be willing to take it.

Do all small rifle primers have the same components?

The answer to this common question is no. Each small rifle primer is created differently, and it cannot be used interchangeably. Manufacturers have different formulations of the priming mix and mixing methods per piece. Some primers are hotter and provide a uniform ignition.

To put it to the test, some gun experts do a drop test to determine the primer’s performance. Each piece of primer is tested in drop fixtures where a steel ball of a certain weight is dropped at different heights onto a fixture holding the primer. This test aims to deliver the indent to the dead center of the primer.

Choosing the Right Reloading Primer

One obvious thing to consider is checking the price. A typical small rifle primer for reloading can cost $0.04 per piece or lower, depending on the type. For instance, the price of Winchester Small Rifle Primer #6 1/2 cost around $0 04 per piece. If you buy a thousand pieces, it’ll cost you $38.99. While $38.99 may be reasonable for some, other gun enthusiasts are willing to invest more in other brands.

Unis Ginex is also one of the widely known primers in the market. As of today, their primers are only sold per box, not per piece.

You may also check reviews on websites regarding the type, price, and quality of your chosen primer. The reviews provide an honest opinion on everything about the brand. It is ideal to have 4 to 5 stars on the product, as this indicates its effectiveness.

Look For Any Primer Stock

Customers may have a hard time getting reloading primers. Usually, in ammunition, bullets are the easiest sort of ammunition to make. The items used in bullets, such as brass, can be reused again. For gunpowder, ammunition companies usually stock up piles of them.

There are only four gun companies that manufacture for civilian use and military. Unfortunately, they can only produce ammo products and other reloading supplies in a limited quantity. During these unprecedented times, it may be even more difficult to procure them – take into account the COVID-19 restrictions, health concerns, difficulty in shipping, etc.

What To Do

Due to a limited stock of rifle primer, the best option you can do is scouting each site of an ammunition business or shop. Check each menu for the availability of rifle primer products. You can also message the site’s customer service to question what type of rifle primers they have. Trifusion Tactical has reliable customer service that will not keep you on the line for too long.

Order Online With Trifusion Tactical

You don’t need to go anywhere else, as Trifusion Tactical offers rifle primers that are rated five stars for their quality and price! Find the product you’re looking for by scrolling over our website. You can see a range of all the products on our website, like reloading primers.

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